Proactive Health is an Alternative health business operating in the French Riviera and London specialising in advanced global massage techniques and Acupuncture. This is a mobile call out service and can be made available at clients homes, yachts and private jets.

It was set up by highly experienced Irish bodywork therapist Sean Reidy in 2015. Therapist Sean Reidy utilises both Western and Oriental bodywork techniques to help prevent illness and injury and ultimately to help your body to function at its best.

Massage Therapy

Sean Reidy takes Massage Therapy to an art form. It has been his passion now for 15 Years. Not just relying on 1 technique or type of massage he prefers to combine the very best techniques

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Utilising tried and tested Acupuncture methods that have been in use for over 4000 Years. Strong emphasis on Master Tung style which uses only 2 or 3 needles distally with miraculous results. (Availability depending on location)
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Sean is a caring bodyworker who immediately sets the patient at ease. 15 years World Class experience. Renowned bodyworker with Client bases in Ireland, Monaco and London

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What Makes Us Different?

It is the objective of Proactive health to aid and resolve pain and dysfunction, and ultimately to assist the patients longterm mental, physical, and spiritual well being.More and more people realise the importance of taking care of themselves. There is a growing understanding of the importance of having a proactive approach to managing ones health.The Nei Jing, a medical classic written in the 2nd Century B.C states

Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one already feels thirsty, or for forging weapons after the war has already begun.


⇒15 Years in Bodywork industry.
⇒4 Years touring with Riverdance in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia.
⇒2 Seasons with McLaren Formula 1 Team as Trainer and Massage Therapist.
⇒Over a decade on French Riviera and Monaco treating the rich and famous.
⇒ He has treated on an ongoing basis more than 20 World Champions from various sports including ATP Tennis, PGA Golf, Athletics, Formula 1.
⇒More than anything Sean prides himself on his work with the elderly.
⇒Massage therapist to U2 Band members on their Summer vacations.
⇒Personal therapist to Formula 1 Racing driver and TV presenter David Coulthard 2002-present.
⇒Senior Cavan County Football team masseur Autumn 1998.



Sean highlighted the importance of massage to me in terms of having more energy and just feeling better in my body for racing. I found I wasn’t as tired after races due to the work Sean was doing with me. I really feel that he takes massage therapy to another level as he still helps to prepare me for crucial races.

Monaco And French Riviera

Calling to homes and yachts between Monaco and Antibes


Sean travels to see his growing list of London Clients. Normally Available 1 week in 5


Sean travels subject to availability and distance considerations.To date Sean has worked with clients in more than 25 Countries.

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Monaco and French Riviera

Home and Yacht visits
0033 (0) 678634145


Home Visits in North and West London,

0044 (0) 7437445951


Subject to distance and availability

0033 (0) 678634145



“Sean has over 15 years experience in the health and wellness industry. He has trained in many wellness techniques and has taken the best bits from all of the techniques he has learned to create a complete wellness program. Past clients include: Riverdance, McLaren Mercedes Formula One Team and many other professional athletes.”

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