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✔ 15 years experience as therapist to rich and famous including many sports professionals and performance artists residing in Monaco.
✔ A fitness trainer since 1997
✔ A sports and remedial massage therapist since 1999
✔ Riverdance therapist touring Europe, Scandinavia& Asia 1999-2002.
✔ Co producer Irish Dance Fitness plan DVD 2002.
✔ McLaren formula 1 team trainer & masseur 2002/2003.
✔ Qualified in Thai & Chinese massage.
✔ TCM and Chinese acupuncture practitioner Microsystems in Chinese Medicine.

In 1997 Sean changed career from sales and marketing to begin working in the Health and Fitness Industry. After studying at the National Training Centre Dublin in Exercise & Health and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy, Sean worked as a Personal Trainer at the prestigious Iveagh Fitness Club, Dublin. His first claim to fame was assisting NTC staff in supporting marathon runner Catherina McKiernan in her preparation for breaking the World record at marathon distance.


Sean began 1999 working for himself with 2 roles combining teaching fitness classes at the Gardai headquarters in the phoenix park and an injury prevention role with the Cavan Senior football team. Seans biggest break came that same Year when he went on tour with Riverdance as a massage therapist. He began a 4 Year period touring with the Liffey show in Europe, Scandinavia and South East Asia. Gaining a wealth of knowledge and working alongside renowned physiotherapist Ruth Magee, his learning curve was steep. Working in over 25 Countries during this period it also provided an opportunity to learn bodywork skills from around the World. In his 4 Years with the show Sean visited massage colleges on a weekly basis to further enhance his skills. In total he performed more than 6000 treatments with the show taking care of the dancers and musicians. The touring lifestyle takes its toll on the body and Sean played a vital role in injury prevention and performance enhancement.

In 2002 while speaking at a massage school on Birmingham, Sean was approached by the McLaren Formula 1 Team and was recruited to aid the performance of Formula 1 racing drivers David Coulthard, Kimi Riakkonen and Test driver Alex Wurz. He spent 2 seasons with the team ensuring the drivers were able to perform at their best. Spending quite a bit of time in Monaco where the drivers were located and also travelling to and from test and race venues Sean amassed his fair share of air miles.


Monaco & French Riviera:
Seans name began to circle amongst top sports people in Monaco and he provided recovery for professionals on downtime in between events. The Swedish Tennis stars Jonas Bjorkmann, Thomas Johansson,Thomas Enquist, Magnus Norman, Ivan Liubicic all became regular callers for Seans services. ATP Tennis star Novak Djokovic in the 2-3 Years leading up to his assault on the tennis World became a regular client also when he was performing gruelling training sessions and needed top class advice and treatment in his quest for achieving his current number 1 status. In this period Sean also setup a mobile massage business for the rich and famous at their homes and yachts. He spent 10 Years on the Riviera and has amassed a loyal customer base who he still manages to see on a regularly monthly basis.

Further Studies and setting up BPI:                                                           Combining Western techniques with Oriental techniques is what Sean strives to achieve. It is this Global approach that seperates him from most other therapists. In his time on the French Riviera he made regular visits to study Ancient Nuad Bo Ruan in Thailand. This is a technique that combines regular compressions with yoga style stretching. He studied Level 1-4 at the ITM Massage School in Chiangmai and also on a separate occasion he also studied at the Thai massage School again in Chiangmai.

At Sutherland Chan School, Toronto Canada, he studied Neuromuscular Integration & Structural Alignment which is a powerful tool for correcting postural issues and interestingly for all the females it is hugely beneficial for cellulite.
More recently in 2013 Sean qualified with Distinction in TCM and Chinese Acupuncture and Tuina from the renowned Bodyharmonics school in Cheltenham UK.

In January 2014 Sean and business partner David Hurley set up Body Performance Improvement They teach advanced massage courses based on the wealth of knowledge Sean has amassed in his 15 Years as a bodyworker. They also supply BPI trained therapists to yacht charters ,Private jets, sports events and business seminars.

Trained Practitioner in Sports & Remedial Massage, Nuad Bo Ruan Thai Massage, Chinese Medical massage, Orthopaedic massage, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial technique, TCM and Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese Microsystems, Korean Hand Acupuncture.