David Coulthard

Former Formula 1 racing driver and currently
TV presenter with BBC.


“Sean highlighted the importance of massage to me in terms of having more energy and just feeling better in my body for racing. I found I wasn’t as tired after races due to the work Sean was doing with me. I really feel that he takes massage therapy to another level as he still helps to prepare me for crucial races.”

Jonas Bjorkman

ATP Tennis player and World no 1 Doubles player.


“As a touring ATP Tennis pro, I value top quality massage and rely on it to boost my performance and prevent injuries. in general, it’s difficult to find therapists who truly know how to release tension. Sean is the best masseur I have worked with and I use him at every given opportunity.”

Gareth Lord

Caddie to PGA player Henrik Stenson and FedEx Cup Champion 2013
And European Tour Race to Dubai Champion 2013.


“I have worked with Sean for a few years now in preparation for major tournaments and he undoubtedly has an enormous impact on not only pain relief and relaxation, but majorly impacts my body, mind, and spirit like no other therapist. Normally a valuable secret in my armoury but also a lifelong friend and thus I would highly recommend Sean’s work to PGA Professionals and all elite athletes looking for that extra missing ingredient to perform successfully.”