Sean Reidy takes Massage Therapy to an art form. It has been his passion now for 15 Years. Not just relying on 1 technique or type of massage he prefers to combine the very best techniques he has learned from around the World. It was while he was on tour with Riverdance he began accumulating absolute gold nuggets of information and techniques from masters of their trade Worldwide. Each and every week while touring Sean would visit a local massage school in his constant search and quest for developing his growing skillset. His treatment varies from patient to patient and no 2 treatments are ever the same. Depending on what is presented the treatments vary in terms of pressure administered. He always works within the patients pain threshold and can vary from superficial and subtle techniques to the more deeper tissue techniques often associated with Western sports massage .

A strong emphasis is also placed on acupressure points and the use of meridian or energy channels. But ultimately it is the combination of techniques borrowing methods from both Western Physical therapy and Oriental energy systems and microsystems that elevate the standard of his treatments.

Some of the techniques Sean combines in his treatments are listed below:
Sports & Remedial Massage, Thai Massage, Chinese Medical Massage, Orthopaedic Massage, Reflexology, Chinese Microsystems Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial release, Shiatsu Muscle Energy techniques, Soft tissue release, Positional Release, Connective tissue massage

Massage and Pain Relief:
When applying massage techniques Sean compares it to driving a car, like knowing when to change gears, Sean subtly intertwines different techniques to improve the outcome. Using the hands like magnets he finds the restrictions and problematic sites and encourages positive changes in tension. When patients overuse their bodies either through repetitive daily actions or by simply sitting at a desk in the same posture, massage helps alleviate the symptoms. Encouraging bloodflow and ironing out dense tight structures massage guides the body to adjust and free itself from pain.


Pricing is dependant on time and treatment choice whether it is massage, acupuncture or a combination of both. For Monaco and London the price is subject to the location and time spent travelling to and from the treatment location. For further details please contact Sean.

Please note:

Allow for 10-15 minutes extra time for the initial consultation and to fill in assessment forms. It is important to take this time as Sean needs to get a complete picture of your case history to enable him to perform a professional treatment.

Massage Teaching Course:
Please note for all qualified massage practitioners interested in learning from Sean, he offers a course combining the best techniques he has learned from the above techniques. Together with business partner David Hurley they offer a very structured teaching manual focusing on blending and combining the methods listed above. Furthermore they supply successful therapists who have completed levels 1-3 the opportunity to work alongside them at events ranging from professional sports events, irishdance Championships, yacht charters, private jets, business seminars and more. For more information please visit